Based in Kansas City, Brightwork Creative Media brings together the talent and resources small businesses and growing companies need into one consulting firm.  Scott Crumpler has been providing marketing and business services to organizations like these for over 20 years, and now together with this talented team, entrepreneurs can turn to one consultant to launch their business and make it grow.  From business concepts and planning, to funding advice, to overall marketing strategy, to individual services including all forms of digital marketing, web presence, development, creative services and website hosting, Brightwork Creative Media can be your strategic partner.

Scott Crumpler, Marketing Strategy Consultant

Scott Crumpler
Marketing & Strategy Consultant


Scott Crumpler is a consultant with 20 years of experience working with small companies to achieve growth.  He has worked in a variety of roles over that time, including vice president, strategist, marketing director, creative director, web developer, and designer.  His clients have included small one-man shops, growing SMB's, tech companies, and even Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York.  His broad skill set and expertise enable him to help businesses see the bigger picture, find efficient solutions to their marketing needs, and provide a range of services that make success an affordable reality.

He recently exited the role of Senior Marketing & Business Intelligence Strategist for Jinglz Inc., having successfully devised the strategy and managed the promotion of their SEC regulated Title III fundraising round, wherein they raised close to a million dollars in new investment (nearing the cap for Title III offerings).

Nicolas Botero - Visual Media Designer

Nicolas Botero
Visual Media & UI/UX Designer


A pixel-perfect digital designer who takes pride in creating visually stunning designs that are clean and engaging, Nico has experience in video editing, UX and UI design, and designing new mobile applications. He is committed to managing the complex design process from conceptualization to delivery. Nico possesses the creative flair, originality, and keen eye for design that is needed to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding clients.

Under Scott's creative direction, Nico produced the offering video, data visuals, digital ads, and promotional materials for Jinglz Inc's million dollar Title III fundraising round.  His talent designing user interfaces for the web and mobile apps combined with his experience designing new brands and visual concepts makes him an extremely valuable asset.

Benjamin Hartley - Full Stack Web Developer

Benjamin Hartley
Full Stack Web Developer


Benjamin Hartley is a highly skilled developer who specializes in Cloud Computing and both front-end and back-end web development.  He has in-depth experience developing and deploying enterprise-level systems on AWS (Amazon Web Services).  His proficiencies in TypeScript, object-oriented Javascript, Python, Java, and C++ along with his knowledge of Angular and Node.js make him a well-rounded software engineer and a valuable member of any development team.  

His work has involved database design and maintenance, API development, microservices, front-end platforms, and cloud computing systems deployment for both tech startups and enterprise-level companies.