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Create Product Mockup Images That Sell

Written by Scott Crumpler on Wednesday January 29, 2020

On-demand manufacturing has enabled countless entrepreneurs to design unique products and sell them online. But the standard mockup images those services provide still leave your product looking generic. We can make your images stand out with amazing lifelike photos for your online sales channels.

Designing custom products and apparel has never been easier.

So you've got a great eye for design, and you want to build a brand around unique products and sell them online.  With services like Printful, CafePress, and Teespring, it's never been easier to jumpstart your product line.  You can create your designs, upload them, choose the products you want to make available, and connect them to your online sales channels, like Shopify, your own e-commerce website, and even right on their own platform in some cases.

But when you upload your designs and add them to the products available from these on-demand platforms, the images they provide you with usually end up looking pretty generic.  For t-shirts and other apparel, this is especially true, where services like those mentioned above simply superimpose your art over an image of a blank t-shirt or onto an image of a bland-looking model wearing the shirt and standing against a plain white background.  That's a nice feature for them to provide, but it's pretty basic.

Generic images don't cut it.

Plain t-shirt mockups don't sell
Generic mockup images like these are fine for a catalog, but they don't engage customers on social media.

If you don't want to spend a bunch of money on product samples, models, and a photographer so that you can do your own photoshoot, your products aren't likely to make much of an impact when you start posting those plain-looking images on social media.  And that's critical to building an audience for your brand.

Product images should reflect a lifestyle.

If you design graphic tees, you know the audience your designs are aimed at.  They're not for everybody; they're unique. Right?  You've come up with a brand that speaks to the sensibilities of a particular audience.  You know what they like, what they're interests are, and who they are-- and more importantly, how they see themselves.  You want your product images to reflect that.

If you're just getting started, ordering a bunch of samples, hiring models, and finding a photographer can be expensive.  As print-on-demand suppliers have shown, consumers don't mind seeing mock-up photos of your designs before they buy.  But how do you get those consumers to really respond to mock-up images when it's the same generic photo they might see on thousands of other online stores and ads?

The answer is simple.  You find the kind of images that reflect your audience's interests and lifestyle, and you create engaging mock-up photos that make an impact.

We create realistic product images that generate engagement.

When Brightwork Creative Media started working with Chibazoid, a new graphic tee brand offering designs that reflect topics of self-satire and social justice, our first goal was to produce images that would engage users on Facebook and Instagram in a more meaningful and effective way.  They knew their designs were targeted at a young, hip, and primarily urban audience who are ethnically diverse and socially engaged.  So we found stock images that reflected that in which the models were wearing plain t-shirts in the same colors Chibazoid offered.  Then we went to work creating mock-ups.

Jim Crow T-shirt Mockup For

Kevorkian Anti-smoking T-shirt Mockup For Chibazoid

The results have been amazing.

The most critical goal in preparing to spend significant money on social media advertising is to develop retargeting audiences who have engaged with your page and posts.  That requires two key things:

  1. Time - Taking the time to build meaningful audiences in Facebook's Audience Manager will substantially improve your ROI long-term.
  2. Creative Content - When Facebook and Instagram users see promoted content, it needs to grab their attention quickly and get them to engage.  Plain photo mockups just don't cut it.

Anti-Social Tee Facebook Post Engagement

By using mock-up photos that speak directly to Chibazoid's target audience, we've been able to engage those users and get them to interact with this new brand.  Every post engagement becomes a powerful way to capture an audience for all future ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, and the engagement rate for a new t-shirt company with no prior brand recognition has been high.

Love The V t-shirt mockup for Chibazoid

It's all about presentation.

If you take a look at the shops and online stores you respond to the most, you'll probably notice that their social media posts and ads contain images that are unique and reflect your own interests and style.  The same is true for any brand, and when you're first starting out, the cost of staging and shooting the kinds of photos that will get the best results can be high.  But it's possible to create realistic, extraordinary product mockups without breaking the bank.  And by presenting your products with unique, high quality imagery, you'll see much better results from your social media marketing efforts.

Got a print-on-demand product line you want to take to the next level with engaging mockups that get results?  Contact Brightwork Creative Media to find out how we can help.